NPA Visuals has the experience to prepare a variety of digital images to suit your needs. We prepare CGI ‘marketing images’, Verified Views, traditional ‘Photo-montages’ and Animations. Here we outline our Approach to the visualisation process.

Verified views  can be created to different Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) levels, and for more information on these, as well as how we comply with guidance publications please see the Verified Views Page.

NPA Visuals has worked on a variety of sensitive developments and have a good understanding of the planning and development process. We can use pre-determined photographic locations, or suggest a range of alternatives, as appropriate to the context and project requirements.

Survey and Photography

Accurate survey and mapping information is a requirement throughout the Verified View process, and this is used to precisely record positions of cameras.

Photographs are taken using the most appropriate focal lengths to ensure that the field of view covers the proposed scheme environment or landscape context. We use suitable equipment on site to achieve a high level of accuracy and clarity. All photographic data is recorded for future reference.


3d Modelling

Depending on project requirements, we can prepare suitable 3D digital models using data provided by the design team. These can range from basic wireline blocks to fully detailed architectural models. This model of the development is then accurately positioned in the 3d model.

Block models can be helpful early in the design process to test massing and scale, especially in sensitive viewpoints. Working closely with the design team, the final model can have materials and textures added and colour rendered as required. Real-world lighting is created and cameras are positioned using the survey and meta-data.


Compositing and Post Production

Final rendered models are accurately located into the photographs, with foreground and background elements added or modified as required to blend and integrate the proposals into the surrounding context.

Subtle colour and light adjustments may also be undertaken to suit conditions and give the best effect of the finished project.



Verified Views are usually presented in digital pdf or hard copy folios displaying the ‘existing’ and ‘proposed’ views, together with all of the viewpoint and photograph information as well as relevant methodologies.

Alternative presentation formats, such as digital only, posters or full exhibition displays, may also be used, to suit your requirements.