Survey Verified & Heritage Visualisations supports major development in Bristol

In this article, Chris Hale explains how Survey Verified & Heritage Visualisations helped gain consent for a major new development in Bristol at Silverthorne Lane

NPAVisuals was commissioned to prepare multiple Accurate Visual Representations - AVR1 & AVR3 Verified Views to support a major planning application at Silverthorne Lane, Bristol. The visualisations were used in both Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and Heritage Assessments (HiA) for the major proposed development adjacent to the Feeder Canal. The scheme that was granted Outline Planning Consent at committee in August 2020.

Silverthorne Lane Proposals

Promoted by Square Bay, within the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, the new development will regenerate an important waterside area of Bristol. The varied built form proposals are set within a strong landscape framework and include Student accommodation, flexible space, new homes, and the Oasis Temple Quarter school.

Verified Visualisations – AVR 1

Our visuals represented the scheme from a wide range of local and distant viewpoint locations. AVR level 1 verified views were produced for the key distant views to allow the scheme proposals to be assessed against the city skyline. Views to landmark buildings such as Temple Meads Station were prepared to accurately portray the height, scale and mass of the proposed development in relation to the Grade I Listed station. These verified visualisations enabled the Local Authority and key stakeholders such as Historic England to assess the projected visual effects on views to such buildings and to enable the designers to avoid creating unacceptable impacts on these views. 

AVR 1 From St Phillips Causeway

Survey Verified & Heritage Visualisations supports major development in Bristol

AVR 3 from Silverthorne Lane

Survey Verified & Heritage Visualisations supports major development in Bristol

Verified Visualisations – AVR 3

Photorealistic AVR level 3 visualisations were also prepared for local viewpoints in order to demonstrate how the proposed development will look in relation to many of the existing heritage assets in the area. Many of the AVR level 3 views captured the setting of several listed buildings including the old St Vincent Works Gateways. Specific viewpoints were requested by stakeholders and views showing the regeneration proposals along the canal waterside were prepared and these show the positive contribution that the consented development will make to the Feeder Road and Canal.

Technical compliance

All our work was prepared in accordance with Bristol City Council Urban Living SPD and Planning Officer requirements. As well as complying with the most upto date guidance from the Landscape Institute. Images comprise our own high-quality photography, 3d digital model of design proposals, rendering and compositing, prior to submission for the Planning Application. All camera locations were survey verified to ensure accuracy.

To read more about how the latest guidelines for verified visualisations are prepared, take a look at this article we prepared to coincide with the release of the current guidelines.

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