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Tintagel Castle Footbridge and Footpaths Open

Tintagel Bridge (CGI)

Tintagel Bridge (CGI)

The new iconic footbridge at Tintagel Castle has now been completed, together with key footpath and landscape enhancements which will improve visitor access to and around the site.

Npavisuals prepared photomontages of the bridge to support the planning application and Computer-Generated renders for the graphics team at English Heritage to use in their promotional material.

The new footbridge, opening on 11 August, reinstates the original land bridge connecting the two parts of the Castle, which vanished into the sea between the 14th and 17th centuries.

For many years, the Island has been accessed only by a low-level footbridge and a series of steep cliff steps making the site challenging and inaccessible for some visitors. We have been working with English Heritage to implement a range of sensitively designed interventions to improve accessibility and have been an integral member of the footbridge design team supporting the Architect William Matthews and Engineers NEY & Partners. The ecologically sensitive maritime coastal grasslands, the challenging topography, the exposure of the island and the internationally significant archaeology have all informed the footpath design approach and the future management of the site.

Together with the new footbridge, a step free route has been created from the mainland across the new footbridge and through the island keep to a new viewing area. The dramatic footbridge and improved paths will give visitors the opportunity for a truly unique experience with access to numerous stunning vantage points across this special site.

Tintagel Bridge (CGI from the Island)
Tintagel Footpaths (CGI)
Tintagel Bridge (CGI)
Tintagel Footpaths (As built)